Video Editor for hire? Is that really a thing?

So, I wanted to put some feelers out to try and gauge interest here… this is a long-ish post, but try to hang in there with me.

I keep seeing ads online for video editing services with headlines like “Did you know most GoPro footage is never used?” Kinda click-baity, but it worked… I clicked on it…

I think…’Well why is that, because it sucks? I dunno…’ (That’s usually why my footage goes unused, anyway…)

The ad goes on to say that many people buy video cameras or receive them as gifts and take a trip or shoot a bunch of stuff and then realize that cutting and editing video is time consuming and can have a pretty steep learning curve, depending on the level of software you decide to use for your editing. Most people lose interest and never edit and cut that awesome video of their weekend adventure because they simply don’t have the time to learn how to do everything to get the results they wanted. (I thought that’s what a hobby was for, but I digress…)

I’m not 100% sure that this sort of scenario is even a thing… I couldn’t find any online articles that mention this mass epidemic of confused casual video shooters with a hard drive full of unused video, kind of like the four or five rolls of undeveloped film everyone had rolling around in a desk drawer somewhere back in the day because you just never got around to sending it off, but you never know…maybe folks need this sort of help but are too ashamed to ask?

Maybe you shot a wedding video “for a friend” and now you’re in a pickle because you realize you never should have volunteered in the first place (or maybe you were volunTOLD). Either way, Bridezilla is now breathing down your neck wanting to know where that finished video is and you’re starting to panic, because you don’t know what to do…

Or maybe you and the family wanted a nice highlight reel of that huge reunion back in the summer to show grandma – she was recovering from hip replacement and couldn’t go. I find it highly unlikely that there isn’t some whiz kid teenage cousin in the family that couldn’t bang out a completely edited video for you, but I’m just trying to think of some different scenarios here…

Regardless, if you or anyone you know find themselves in this sort of situation, where you have a bunch of video clips and have no idea of how to start… I can help! I’ve already put countless hours in learning how to use pro grade software to cut and edit videos, and I’m happy to put my skills to work for you for a reasonable fee. I mean, photographers need work on rainy days, too – amirite?

I’d like to talk to a few folks and evaluate some of these editing gigs, if they exist. I feel like I could probably come in at a price point that could meet the needs of someone looking for an edited vacation or special event video or something along those lines, but I need some actual scenarios with real people to be able to put a quote together and turn that into a streamlined process that I can market.

Feel free to share this post, or shoot me an email at if you have questions. I’m honestly curious to see if this is a marketing niche that exists. If nothing else, leave your version of a (wacky?) scenario where someone might have a pile of clips, but no finished video to show for it.

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Spring Real Estate and Construction Progress photo/video packages

Old man winter seems to be having trouble letting it go this year, but Spring is here and Real Estate as well as the Construction industry are both poised to jump into high gear as soon as the weather breaks!
Just a reminder – Freelancephotos4u has photography packages to offer for Real Estate listings and Construction Site progress! I have the equipment, the photography experience, and am licensed and insured, but most importantly – I want to help YOU by showcasing your listings and construction projects to really make them stand out!!
For Real Estate, I have packages that include exterior aerial and ground stills and video, interior stills and video, plus available add-ons like 360 aerial panoramics for large properties! Also coming soon will be 360 VR walk though videos. Don’t need a complete photo and video package for a small listing? I can quote smaller jobs, too!
For Construction, I have site progress packages that include Cardinal Shots (North, South, East and West) of the site at 250 and 400 ft. and corner panoramics at 150ft, as well as a 360 panorama of the site. Add-ons include orbit videos of the site. These packages can be quoted on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis to fit your specific job site needs and budget. Job site safety is my top priority. I have all required PPE and am also OSHA 10 certified to comply with most job site safety requirements. A current Certificate of Insurance can also be provided on request.
Contact me today to get a quote!